The Art of Modern pendants
Modern pendant lights are quickly becoming fascinating works of art. Apart from offering ample illumination, they seem to bring along with them beautiful balance and contemporary style. With an amazing array of pendant light designs from Lampdrop, the lighting does not look dull and boring anymore. While there are several lighting options available for every space, elegant pendant lights that offer much needed ‘task lighting’ clearly steal the show. 
Sleek and stylish pendant lights can complement any type of space. This design is sophisticated and has aspects of culture and a classic theme that can make any space look undeniably magnificent. 
Styles with simplistic geometric elements further a mid century approach, which is why these globe pendants have seen a surge in popularity. With much versatility, these lights can be positioned in groups, or serve as a stand alone statement piece. The ‘TEEDEE' also offers a clear glass at the bottom of this light that also furthers the effect that spheres and orbs have on mid century style.

A simple yet elegant wall fixture. geometric which evenly diffuse illumination to produce a desirable effect for vanity applications. A sleek, narrow profile provides a distinctive clean and modern design.

This fun and flirty pendant gives a kiss of light. Amor features mid century modern styling, ideal for bar and kitchen lighting, as well as other interior settings.

Shagy Vahabzadeh

Junior Interior Designer