Night shift mode on IOS

How lighting affects your sleep

Many people suffer from restless sleep and although there are a great number of factors causing this, one that is a known, the Blue Light on your mobile phone.

Electronic devices emit Blue Light that has been proven to be upsetting to sleep patterns. When your body is ready to sleep, it  produces a chemical called Melatonin, which signals your brain to go into sleep mode. Blue Light interferes with this cycle, stopping adequate production of Melatonin, making it more difficult to relax and fall asleep.

The new Night Shift mode allows users to set their device’s clock to automatically shift the colours in the display to warmer orange hues that take less toll on your brain. This warmer light is more calming to brain functions and to the natural body wake and sleep cycles. The display then returns to its regular blue setting around your wake up time so that you can still see it clearly during daylight hours. Giving you pleasant dreams.