Founder, Sales, & Operations

Gilberto also known as Gibbie was born late summer of 1974. Gibbie is responsible for sourcing and procurement of trending design as well as customers service. Gibbie is accountable for new business development, bringing in new clients and perfecting their needs by staying within their budget. 

Follow Gibbie around.

Hey! Let's ask Gibbie a few questions.

What is your favorite product on lampdrop? 

 Diamond pendant 

What is the Favorite thing you own?

Depeche Mode 101 Album and the 1998 Liverpool candy Football Shirt.

What makes your soul happy?

Music and my little Family. 

Where is your dream destination?


Give us one item that you want to tick off your bucket list?

To go to Coachella Music Festival and surfing Tavarua in Fiji



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